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Ruthie Tucker, director & curator at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea, NY

“Like Monet, Contemporary artist Mina Novian creates beautiful paintings that capture her impressions of the world around her. Ms. Novian paints striking landscapes and intimate figurative works that combine her love for color with dazzling luminescence and enthralling texture, uplifting the mind and soothing the soul through her inspirational art. Ms. Novian’s exquisite landscape paintings blend an Impressionist aesthetic with the sublime power of Romanticism. Working in this distinctive style, Ms. Novian deftly captures the splendor, joy, and emotion of the scenes she recreates. The artist thoughtfully acknowledges that her paintbrush is a medium for portraying the magnificence of the world around us.”

Angela Di Bello, director of Agora Gallery in Chelsea, NY

“What I like most about Mina’s paintings is that her work is a metaphor for what we as human beings remember as we look at a sunset, or the sky, or children sitting and playing. The work is grander than what life is like. It’s blown into dimensions that are part of our memory. I think that memory has a great deal to do with her work; because I find that when we try to remember certain past experiences or sunsets or people, they are not exactly the way they were in real life obviously; they are more colorful. But she captures this in her paintings; she’s able to capture the mood of perhaps a memory… The fire is coming from within her; it’s a wonderful way to describe her work. She’s very passionate about what she does, and how she paints, and expressing that explosion of color that she so much loves to explore and is not afraid of… Very Romantic approach to the figurative works, as well as the landscapes, and I like that very much about her work. There is an innocence there about the way she utilizes her paint.”

Rose Marie Bellemur, art critic at Camden Art Gallery in London, UK

“…”My art strives to serve as that constant reminder and inspiration” is the idea that drives Mina’s creations. From the feel of her work, they are certainly the result of this process, a set that is visually eclectic, yet solid, induced by warm and personal memories. The cleanliness of the artist’s strokes, the overall clarity of the images, all her to achieve the art’s purpose, adequately reflecting the dreams of their being. Through the materials and the technique applied, Mina embraces the tradition of abstract expressionism, based on the use of brightness and color contrast, with the theme of nature and landscapes; however the construction of these elements are also apparent to the observer. The power of the images evokes strong emotions from the viewer and encourages contemplative thought… Looking at the art of Mina questions us about our human condition, and the duality of our emotions, pessimism or hopes, tragedy or opportunity, powerlessness or empowerment… During the preparation of this series, we have seen the artist’s interest and dedication, truly professional.”

Debbie Thornburg, from Chicago, IL

“The work of Mina Novian was a revelation to me. Inside of the actual images on canvas was something pulsating, an actual oscillation emanating from each picture. As I looked on, something was looking back at me, drawing me in deeper and deeper into a realm of light where more and more layers became revealed to me the longer that I looked on. I felt that I was not merely seeing an image. I came to the conclusion that each image came to life according to the person who was making the connection based on their personal vibrational level. This work is organic. The empirical style and technique of the artist is outstripped only by the real and transformational life form which is her work. It is what the world has been waiting for.”

Nathalia Cota, from San Diego, CA

“I must say that your paintings are exquisite, divine! A rarity now a days. I am in awe by your talent. I can see the beauty and depth within.”