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Group Exhibit at Agora Gallery – NYC – “In Reveire of Form”

In Reveire of Form
October 4 through October 24, 2013
Reception: Thursday October 10, 2013 6-8pm.
Agora Gallery
530 W. 25th St NYC

The artworks of In Reverie of Form express the individual perspectives of artists who have spent time examining and peeling back the layers of what we ordinarily accept as reality to uncover the mysterious and almost magical nature of the world. They share their insights with us through their work, which conveys this stirring message with flair and persuasive energy.

View the complete exhibit here

Mina Novian’s color-saturated oil paintings exalt in the diversity and pure beauty of the natural landscape. She depicts clouded skies, forest hills and a single snowy lane with the same loving detail and a deep regard for the power of hue to extract the drama and romance from the earth. Novian’s sensational contrasting of colors and lines works to personify the landscape, imbuing it with emotion and an almost-narrative that reminds the viewer of the possibility and history that a single place on the planet can contain. Working mainly with a palette knife, Novian is adept at capturing the intimacy of small scenes and the airy grandiosity of deep space.

Though she currently lives and works in Los Angeles, Mina Novian was born in Tehran, Iran and spent her childhood in Dumont, New Jersey, where she first explored her place in the world of art. Today the artist seeks to communicate the larger place of her fellow man. She explains, “My art celebrates the beautiful, innocent, and pure that exists somewhere within every human being.”

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