Candid Canvas


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The idea of “THE CANDID CANVASSM ” is bringing a photo to life of an experience that is ever lasting (unposed).

The painting of “The Way” was based on a photo that a client of mine gave me which I converted to a painting. And this painting meant a lot to my clients because it was a moment of happiness and joy which they shared while they were traveling in Israel. The city is called Safed (Tzfat in Hebrew), one of the most energetic places in the entire world.

The painting of “Inside the War Room” is based on a photo of the 2 greatest Kabbalists of our generation, Rav Berg and his son Michael Berg. It takes place during the Torah reading on Shabbat on Saturday morning, where one draws all the Light and blessings one needs for the entire upcoming week.

Candid Canvas commissions start at $5,000 per painting. The artist requires a down payment of half the price of the agreed commission price, before starting the work.

If you are interested in Mina’s services to have a candid picture of yourself and your loved ones transformed into a beautiful piece of art (oil on canvas), please contact Mina.
Some things Mina will need to know in order to create the piece for you:
1. Why is the picture special to you?
2. What were you thinking when it was taken?
3. If the painting is about a particular person, please explain your relationship to the individual, and why the individual is important to you?
4. What inspires you the most in this world?
5. What does beauty look like to you?